• The Barefoot Birth Difference

  • Posted on February 27, 2017
  • Barefoot Birth bases its entire practice on transparency and open communication. They respect every family they work with and they will work hard to assist and support them with any decision they make with regard to birth and parenthood. That means they will always strive to nurture both mother and child during what should be a wonderful time for the entire family. They consider themselves partners in the process as well as a care provider. Overall, Barefoot Birth seeks to foster greater family bonding and a greater level of happiness with the overall birth experience. Their unique services are available to families all over the Tampa Bay Area.

    For women experiencing healthy pregnancies, birth is a normal process and it usually can be managed without a need for intervention. The overall goal of Barefoot Birth is to make sure expectant families have all of the special, personalized services they need in order to meet their constantly changing needs. Their practice of midwifery combines tradition and science to use a low-tech approach to the birthing process, hopefully bringing about better outcomes for both mother and child.

    Barefoot Birth is focused on providing expectant families all over the Tampa Bay area the high-quality care and support for all families. With the Barefoot Bus and the option for home visits (their doula, Charlie Rae Young, is one of only two in the Tampa area to offer in-home care), it is clear that they want to providing families with the services they want and need wherever they are, whether they decide to use the hospital or not. The decision is always up to the family, and the doulas will be there to offer support. Barefoot Birth has put together a full team of professionals who are ready and willing to provide expectant families with the love and support they need to make the birthing experience the best it can be.

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